Pop up refillable airless bottle ( FPL30-032/ FPL50-026 )

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With the rise of environmental awareness, FunT rolls out upgraded refillable airless bottle. “Recycled inner bottle, Simple-to-use twist bottom, Reusable fancy outer bottle”

Let us greatly introduce this “pop up refillable airless bottle.”
There’re 4 major specialties.
1.Reusable outer bottle lowers the cost of packaging.
2.PP inner bottle can be recycled.
3.Customers can use most of the content due to the airless bottle.
4.Special concept of design, supplement can be replaced right away.

To elevate the superiority, the second to none packaging can be designed as gift box as well, let customers experience buy one get one free enjoyment.
The most fashionable and environmental packaging is hot selling abroad now. Come to follow up!
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