Patented Auto-filling Dropper with 30ml glass bottle


最新自動點滴束不再只有按壓型的 還有一般膠帽式有洞蓋點滴束

當你旋開點滴束時 內容物將會自動被吸取 且每一滴都平均地被控制吸取


此韓國專利獨特設計 可使您的產品更加高檔

材質:30ml玻璃瓶 膠帽+雙層牙蓋(內蓋PP, 外蓋ABS), PETG 吸管 (可做印刷)

The heavy weight of glass bottle with auto fill dropper.

The new innovation for the traditional dropper look, but with the auto fill function when you open the dropper to apply. or you could manually apply by squeezing the rubber teat.

Controllable dropper to even dosage at drops by drops.

Patented High quality packaging helps the products more luxury and functional which was made in Korea.

Material : Glass Bottle 30ml, double layer cap (inner PP, outer ABS), PETG dip tube (it could have printed)

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